Join London City Singers

Please contact our membership team before attending a rehearsal


We rehearse Tuesday evenings 6:30-9pm at St Saviour's in Pimlico, London



Membership is open to singers of all marginalised genders who are comfortable singing somewhere in the SSAA range* which may include cis women, trans people of all gender identities, non-binary people, and gender fluid people. We seek to provide a choral experience that is safe and inclusive of our diverse identities.

*The lowest singers in our group are generally expected to sing as low as an Eb3, and highest singers are expected to sing as high as a G5.


What to expect

You'll be invited to a rehearsal for a free taster. If you like us, you'll continue coming along on a weekly basis. Until you pass the audition, a fee of £5 per week is required from your second visit, in cash or transferred to our account.

For your audition, you're expected to perform a song from our repertoire in a quartet, in front of our Music Director and section lead. We'll provide the sheet music and learning tracks (sound recording) to help you learn and master your part. We also run the song during rehearsals and offer practice auditions. Words and notes must be off music to pass the audition.

London City Singers is a barbershop chorus and we have the following voice sections:
LEAD: typically sings the tune
BASS: provides the bass line of the song
TENOR: harmonises above the tune
BARITONE: harmonises below and above the tune



We rehearse on Tuesdays from 6:30pm to 9pm at St Saviour's, Pimlico. We're a committed group of singers and regular attendance is very important, including arriving in time for important warm-up and vocal technique exercises.

Members are expected to maintain at least a 75% attendance rate (ideally 100%), which includes being present for the warm-up. Obviously, there will be exceptions, and as much notice in advance is appreciated.

Performances and convention

The main event of the year for us a barbershop convention. It's an annual gathering of everyone who practices the art form of barbershop singing. There's a competition between different choruses across the country included in the convention and we typically participate in it.

In order to prepare for convention, we go on a weekend (overnight) retreat and hire a coach to give us more guidance on improving our vocals and performance. The chorus learns a great deal during retreat, so all members are expected to attend.

London City Singers is a bookable chorus and have several live performances throughout the year, as well as holding our own concerts to raise money for chorus costs or for charity. Attendance at these is usually by individual's availability, but members are strongly encouraged to attend wherever possible.

Member donations and other fees

On passing the audition, the monthly contribution is £40 for those 26 years and older, and £35 for 25 and under, and students.

There will be other costs during your membership including travel and accommodations for retreats, conventions and other activities – these will be notified well in advance and are often subsidised where possible. We never turn someone away for monetary reasons - members can always speak to our finance lead regarding donation amounts.